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Young Development Corps

UAF-Young Development Corps
Office of The Senior Tutor
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

What is Young Development Corps ?

YDC Seeks to fill the gap between academia and the Government of  Pakistan
YDC will provide the youth of our country with an opportunity to have a say in the policy making of  Pakistan
YDC is an answer to all questions  asked by our youth who want to play a  constructive role in the development of Pakistan
YDC will creat a partnership between  the Ministry and university students  allowing them to make contributions
towards national development by  applying their skills to solve  development problems through an  established university platform

Why join Young Development Corps ?

YDC members will be given preferencr in Young Development Fellowship Program
YDC members will be given preference in Summer Internship Program at PlanningCommission
YDC members will be given opportunities to conduct research for Planning  Commission
YDC members will receive first-hand knowledge of new policy initiatives of Planning Commission.
Membership in YDC will enhance the portfolio of students and will help in unveiling future job opportunities in the
development sector.


The objectives of this program are following:
· To create linkages of the Planning Commission with universities where intellectual capital of the country lies.
· Young Development Corps acknowledges the fact that a large chunk of our population constitutes of
youth and it will be a shame if no efforts are made to steer them into a positive and productive
· YDC aims to engage youth in a way energy of the youth is harnessed in a positive manner for a better Pakistan.

. To disseminate new policies of the planning commission and create awareness regarding pressing
national development issues among university students.
. To take the Vision 2025 goals and pillars down to university level in order to generate input from the youth.
· To launch various campaigns, events and competitions regarding development plans and policies in
selected universities.
· To execute a two-way feedback model, to communicate program updates as well as to get feedback
on current and future policies of the government.
· To create a talent pool from which students can be recruited and selected for Summer Internship
program as well as Young Development Fellowship
· To engage students in development discourse to transform the national narrative into a positive one.
· To generate innovative and implementable ideas regarding development sector.
· To actively mobilize youth to participate in the socio-economic development of Pakistan.
· To create positively and optimism in the youth.
· Steering the youth into productive development activities.
· To create inclusive policies by taking on board the youth through such forums.

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