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Terms and Conditions

International Scholarships share informative content about international scholarships, international scholarships, internships and other educational opportunities for students to apply for these scholarships.

The sample material that is shared on our website is the template content created by the scholarship team to help students write their own content.


We, the scholarship scholarship team, believe that any visitor will not be able to interpret the spam and spam and prevent the account of these users.

If you see any misleading content then you can use contact us page to get in touch with us.

Submitting A Scholarships to internationalscholarships.biz

Our scholarship partners are warmly welcomed by educational institutions, teaching faculties, scholarship agencies, volunteers and webmasters who send us the latest scholarships, scholarships, internships or business opportunities that we are pleased to publish on our site.

We strictly check that the information is legible and not misdirected. This scholarship / friendship / internship / business person, institution, school, university or any company or company is responsible and international scholarship members do not accept any responsibility. Our site (international scholarships) is aimed at sharing free information to provide counseling to young students. The International Scholarships Association does not charge fees.

If the scholarship / scholarship or any listing on the internethaber.com site is found to be misleading, we will immediately terminate your account and the scholarship team reserves the right to take legal action against this party or person. Please use this link to contact us.

If you would like to send us an inquiry ticket for scholarship or news updates to be published on our site. Click Here for Contact

Use of International Scholarships.biz

Users are strictly not allowed under any circumstance or condition under any circumstance to try to use the “deep links”, “robots”, “page strippers”, “spiders” or any automated software methodology, program, device algorithm Any familiar coded manual or automated processes for copying, tracking or accessing your area, learning anywhere, on our international scholarship site or for copying under any circumstance to duplicate or falsify your navigation schemes Or the body of your scholarship site. InternationalScholarships.biz reserves all rights to dispute such activities.

Links to Scholarship Fellow and RSS Feed Terms

The International Scholarship does not allow anyone to add banners or bounce on our broadcast links. Internationalscholarships.biz’s RSS feed is only allowed to be used on sites that directly display our functional link. No, redirected RSS feeds directed to International Scholarships are allowed, or no site link can be added. The International Scholarship Team reserves the right to suspend publication of RSS on any platform that abuses my publications at any time without notice. We are not responsible for any misleading images of international scholarships and we have the right to file a dispute.

InternationalScholarship.biz is Free to use

The aim of this website is to provide scholarship application guide lines, international scholarship search letters, global internship opportunities for young new students, to provide advice and examples of free application documents that provide advice on avalanche talent about training opportunities launched on the international scene. Internationalscholarships.biz We do not charge any fees on our internet site and it is completely free to use any part of internalscholarships.biz. International scholarships allow some Educational Services or product advertisements on our site, but do not make any payments from any user to purchase these products or services. Only the advertisers who advertise the membership of the scholarship are responsible for the payments they are collecting in their own domain. Internationalscholarships.biz is strictly forbidden by any user or visitor to my site, and internalscholarships.biz is free to use.

Violations of Terms of Service of International Scholarships

If we find that any terms of service or hardening or violating international scholarship sites infringe our terms if our site is used on behalf of any fundraising or international community scholarship, we have the right to infringe and file a lawsuit against that person: legal action.

If any visitor from International scholarship.biz is found to be inaccurate, vulgar or abusive comments, we reserve the right to terminate the international scholarship support account and to prevent access to our site.

Modifications/Additions in our Terms:

The international scholarship terms and conditions are current and may be revised at any time by adding or changing the user without prior notice or notice. 2017 International Terms Framework Terms & Conditions version.